But that is the price for not using a bleaching agent. My hair is silver. Of course it is possible, otherwise, we would not write this article. Some great semi-permanent options include: Crazy Color in Silver, Color Freedom Ultra Vibrant Non-Permanent hair color in Silver Blonde, Pravana Chromasilk in Silver, and Manic Panic’s Blue steel. Leave it for up to an 1 hour or as directed in the package instructions. You can actually get lighter tone by two to three shades using only chamomile tea. The wax hair colour availale in more colours and will suit someone that need a quick hair colour fix. Use the baking soda paste like a shampoo: Scrub it into your scalp in a circular motion and continue down the length of your hair from the roots to the tips. But if it is light or blonde, you can use hair lift dye. These came in the traditional powder form which is combined with a crème developer to make the bleaching mixture. For lowlights: Apply the mixture of the hue of your choice to the lower sections of the hair/bottom quarter of your hair. Swedish blonde shades are perfect for this purpose. Natural methods for bleaching hair. Everyone's hair is different and depending on the type of texture you have it will either lose color or absorb color at different rates. Bleaching is done to lighten the natural color of hair or to remove the existing color from previous hair dyeing. This is a great two in one hair dye. Then apply the mixture with a special hair coloring brush. Don’t forget to apply a sliver hair color all over first as your basis and then use the mixture as directed above. If your hair is darker, you will have to use bleach before. Use the optimum temperature which is 180 degrees. Spray on your hair, and then use a comb to spread it throughout the hair. Once silver hair started popping up here and there on Instagram (often hashtagged granny hair) and on the most fashionable streets of your city, a few years back, it just wouldn’t go away.There is something ethereal and unique about a young face topped with a mane of silver or grey hair – not to mention how beautiful it is when a woman owns her age and allows her hair to go gray naturally. Many silver hair coloring products are available in the current market. The only difference is that you will mix a cool blue shade with the silver hair dye and the conditioner. It depends on the look you want to go for and the good news is, even specific colors like Silver can be customized according to your likes. I'll coat my hair with coconut oil and leave it in for several hours (or even overnight) before actually applying bleach. Use with a 30 vol. Shampooing your hair is the enemy of silver hair color, so try to stretch the time between cleansing. With a comb, spread the mix throughout your entire hair. Great for a quick hair color fix. Starting Hair Colour. When you think about chamomile tea, you think of something you drink to calm yourself down and reduce stress. Then wash it with a color-safe shampoo and condition it with a color-safe conditioner to keep the silver color from washing out. Because it is a natural moisturizer, honey will also prevent hair damage to the hair, and keep it healthy. (Do not rinse the coconut oil out of your hair before applying the bleach.) Silver hair without Bleach at Home Naturally. You should never do it. It’s a pretty demanding colour, so make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility! All you have to do is open the jar and apply the wax hair color on your hair. The great thing about this hair dye is that you can get grey hair, without using the harsh chemicals. If the weather is not sunny, you can use a blow dryer on the highest setting, Repeat as often as necessary. Rinse, wash, and condition your hair. We recommend you find an ammonia-free item with the vegan hair shade. This is a sign that your hair needs more bleaching and lifting until it gets to a pale blonde shade. Coconut Water for Hair: Benefits & how to use. Invest in a good dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh for as long as possible. A toner has to be used to mimic the pigment you want to see. Valles suggests choosing a color that is two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Leave as directed and rinse off. Wet your hair with water. So, how to use it? In the morning, rinse your hair, The method requires a couple of repeated sessions. Q1. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie have also made this an extra famous trend. Once you wash off, your hair color will be gone. In addition, honey has a small lightening effect on hair. In a nutshell, there is no natural way to get white hair instantly at home but there is only one bleach alternative: using a high-lift hair dye. If you have naturally dark hair, it is impossible to get it to a sliver shade naturally without bleaching it first. If you have naturally light blonde hair though, you can get it without any bleach since your hair is already light enough to begin with. These natural hair wax color creams do not require bleach. More so, this agent does not work in away that you would wish it to work. Shake well to mix it. These are the top, and most recommended products for dyeing your hair grey without bleach. Some people also choose to leave their hair roots dark/black and use silver hair color and highlights or lowlights only in the lengths of the hair. Well, we’ve got news for you. When you apply a silver hair color without bleach, the color can last up to four weeks. If you have very light blonde hair to begin with, you may be an exception to this rule. For getting silver hair with blue undertones: Repeat the same process as above. Remember, it takes time to dye your hair naturally and without the use of bleach, Squeeze a couple of lemons. I put the color with clean and wet (humid) hair. Well, that is plain wrong. You have to mix some hair dyes to get the right color that you want. Some of the best silver hair dye to use includes: If you want to make your own custom shade of silver, you can do so by mixing your hair dye with other cool-based and pastel colors like grey,  snow white, purple, blue, pink or light green and teal. If you are not smart in dying hair, it is quite harder to dye hair from black to grey, especially when you don’t want to apply bleach on curls. Chamomile tea also contains chemicals that can help you lighten your hair. medium hair with silver highlights . What do I do.. They also do not contain any additives. STEP 3: washing out and TONING the HAIR. The first thing I love to do before bleaching is put in a little hair mask for a few hours. I’ve never had to do as much up-keep on my hair as I do now that it is silver. When you do shampoo, keep the water as cool as you can stand, because hot water causes hair color to fade more quickly. Steel until the water cools, Put tea in a container. how to get SILVER HAIR without bleach damage so the process begins with STEP 1: LIGHTENING the HAIR. Today, we will talk about how to dye hair grey without bleach. Aim If you have naturally dark hair, it is impossible to get it to a sliver shade naturally without bleaching it first. Shampoo and condition afterward, If the hair color turns out to be brassy, you need to apply a toner to correct it, When you dye your hair, you need a good toner and color refresh shampoo. Use directions with a lot of conditioner and violet, Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer at, How to Remove Hair Dye From Skin – 8 Ways to Fix Hair Dye Stains, How to Dye Your Hair at Home – Get Professional Treatment at Your Comfort, Steep five bags of tea in two cups of hot water. Dry your hair and use your desired gray shade. If you have naturally light blonde hair though, you can get it without any bleach since your hair is already light enough to begin with. Note: Some people may find that the toner did not work as intended and there are still some yellow or orange hues left. When you think about chamomile tea, you think of something you drink to calm yourself down and reduce stress. Try one that is great for neutralizing the color, and will keep your grey for as long as possible, Avoid hair products that contain sulfates. Using chamomile tea. Use a purple based toner or shampoo and treatment to correct any brassiness. Place a lid on the jar until ready for use. Remember to use a deep conditioning treatment to add and keep moisture on your hair, Mix hair color and 40 volume developer in a bowl, using a 1:2 ratio, Put on gloves and some old clothes to protect yourself from stains, Part hair into four sections, and then put up three of them with clips, Start applying the mixture on the loose section using a dye brush. This cream formula is easy to apply to hair and can be spread easily through all of the locks and strands to avoid splotchy color or poor highlights. In this case, bleach only your hair lengths at least once till you get a pale blonde shade and repeat the main process mentioned in the start of the article. Rinse your hair with a silver or purple based shampoo to counteract bright yellow or orange tones. Mix in a snow white shade with a sliver shade like La Riche’s White and Silver Shades and apply to your hair as instructed. But it is definitely possible to dye hair dark grey without bleach by following some natural remedies. To begin, create a mix of 50% fresh lemon juice and 50% water and put it in a spray bottle. I would like to put lavender. Natural Colour. Here is a before and after results photos, Hairsentry © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, How to get Silver Hair & Best Silver Hair Dye to use, Get Silver Hair without Bleach at Home Naturally, Silver hair with lilac/pale purple undertones, Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair, Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 and Overweight, with Fat and Chubby Faces, Best Hairstyles for Rectangular Face Shape Male & Female, Triangle Face Shape Hairstyles for Male & Female, Best Hairstyles for Square-faced Men & Women. Find one that is ammonia free, and vegan hair color. Spray it evenly over your hair, making sure that all your strands are covered in the mixture. It is easy to get grey hair color without bleach if you have light color hair. This might take longer for you to get ready, but your hair will be healthy. Remember to use more silver color as your basis and dilute the mixture in your leave in conditioner so you don’t end up with a pink solid color all over. of water in the jar until thoroughly combined. A purple-based toner with a 5 or 10 volume developer is a good point to start. Most professionals will tell you a transition like this isn’t possible without Bleach. Chamomile tea also contains chemicals that can help you lighten your hair. The Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Ultra Lift is a hair dye designed to help users make their hair several shades lighter without going through the process of bleaching. And whether that is possible. This will ensure you’ll get the best even-looking results and that your roots are not noticeably darker than the rest of your hair. Once your hair is the silver color that you wanted, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water to get the excess dye out. Silver hair has hit Instagram and other social media as the new “It” shade that is being favored by many young women. Some gray hair looks silver, some looks white and others more a steel blue. Direct dyes work well too on pre lightened hair to get silver and gray tones. Go Easy on Your Hair for Two Days. Your hair craves moisture, and we recommend using a spray for anti-breakage, When your hair is dyed, avoid damage from heat and styling tools by lowering the temperature. With bleach you really need to work fast to give all the hair an equal processing time. I can’t stand the stuff and watch me gloat as I tell you there was no Bleach used in any processes. Most hair stylist and colorists agree that in order to get this shade, you’ll need to lift your hair to a pale blonde first and then customized the color with your desired gray hue by using a semi-permanent hair color. Well, we’ve got news for you. With that in mind, we give you a couple of tips that can help you keep your hair grey for a longer period. developer would do. In case you want to go DIY, here is the main step-by-step process for getting silver hair: Pour one scoop of bleach in a bowl and mix in with two scoops or parts of a 30 vol. Here is my story from Brunette to Blonde. 5.53 Chocolate Brown and 5 Light Brown Colour. Some good bleaches you can get from beauty supply stores are Wella’s Color Charm Bleach and L’Oreals Quick Blue Powder. We briefly mentioned this before: You might be able to get silver hair highlights if your hair is naturally very blond and light, however, if you have anything darker, your hair won’t pick up the silver color. Then follow with a toner or at least a color correction to cancel out orange and yellow hues and finally dye your hair as instructed above. Before you bleach your hair or use hair toner, go easy on your hair for two days. If you want to get highlights, apply the mixture only to certain sections and separate your hair, Put a shower cap over your hair, and leave the mixture to work its magic overnight. If you are curious to know whether silver hair will look good  for you, the answer is YES if: Some silver hair shades are a mix of silver and white while others have cool purple or blue undertones. That means two cups of lemon juice to one cup of water, Place the mixture in a spray bottle. To achieve silver or grey hair, you want to tone your hair with a purple based toner, such as the Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde toner. Lemon juice is the best natural bleaching agent you can find. Since your hair will be quite damaged at this point, you should use it with a 10 volume developer instead of 20 unless your hair pulls really warm. Olive Brown by Follicle Salon @ Ngee Ann City If green is a bit much for you, you can always choose to opt for Olive Brown that will give an ashy brown look after the olive green fades! Fortunately, there are many silver and purple based shampoos in the market for this purpose such as: If you want to add extra vibrancy to your silver hair color for a night out, you can also use  a sliver shine enhancing spray like Provoke’s Touch of Silver Glamour Hairspray and Make Up Effects  Hair and Body Spray in Neon Silver, Below is a video tutorial by Tasha Leelyn on how to get silver hair.