These cookies do not store any personal information. Below you will see what I cover in every colour review post. It is some shade of white, but to be honest, it looks to me like the white paint in the home of a smoker. The ceiling is 12 ft. vaulted which allows the accent wall lots of real estate in the room. Sep 28, 2018 - Explore diybydesign's board "Wythe Blue", followed by 1438 people on Pinterest. Oct 20, 2015 - ladies and gentlemen! More Galleries of Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Vs Palladian Blue. Amazing change, isn't it? And just to exemplify how many ways one color can look, here is a view of my foyer taken a moment ago-a relatively bright autumn afternoon in the subtropics. Target Inspired Home Decor. The higher the number the more light it reflects. You also do not need to mix two different whites or use only a certain percentage of a paint colour to get the one best for you. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. With these strategies, building a cohesive palette for your entire home is less difficult than it seems, Cool Color Palettes: Enviable Green and Blue Spaces, Native Plants Help You Find Your Garden Style, My Houzz: Online Finds Help Outfit This Couple’s First Home, More Top Paint Picks for 2014: New Greens, Blues and Neutrals, Nature’s Color Wisdom: Lessons on Blue From the Great Outdoors, 8 Questions to Help You See Through Green Hype, Pick-a-Paint Help: How to Create a Whole-House Color Palette. Eclectic? Home Decor. Saved from Explore. What's your palette? LOL! Reply. It's nice and soothing and definitely not bright or obnoxious. It will pop so nicely against the Atmosphere wall color. I know had them at one time because I remember seeing the matching floorlamp. You might want to visit my blog because I show a beautiful little "TURQUOISE" urn that I … I love both colors. I find that adding the green to the color warms the blue up some and makes it more pleasing. I think with the sofa and chair a colorful carpet would look fab. Thanks for commenting, Pink Camellias! But, Blue Ground is very close to Benjamin Moore’s Tranquil Blue. “Palladian Blue HC-144“ “Snow on the Mountain 1513” “November Rain 2142-60” “Saybrook Sage HC-114” “Gray Mirage 2142-50” “Nantucket Gray HC-111” “Wythe Blue HC 143” “Woodlawn Blue HC-147” “Georgian Green HC-115” “Camouflage 2143-40” Best Red Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore “Deep Rose 2004-10” palladian blue won with a … I love the contrast with your sofa very much. I've been sampling so many of these lately it's not even funny. I had planned on using the Wythe Blue, but wanted more intensity. The Palladian blue strip is so lovely, and I would love to go with Wythe, but who knows. A most versatile color. Haven't had to test the scrubbability yet, but I'm assuming that the claims about scrubbability will be as true as the rest of the claims BM makes about the Aura. This brings us to the third issue which is selecting the pale blue paint color, itself. At $18.99 a quart and $56! It looks totally different in your room than it does on my walls. I ordered them locally after seeing it in a lighting store. Within 5 minutes the final color was set. Palladian Blue is definitely another favorite of mine; it’s just a bit more green than Woodlawn Blue. Greetings! in the left corner, weighing in at 160, is palladian blue by benjamin moore (bottom). Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out! Miracle Balsitis September 29, 2020. Looks almost mint green to me in this view): Detail of a corner of the ceiling-BM Quiet Moments on wall, manual mix on ceiling to coordinate. Not quite blue, not quite green, a tad grayed, but NOT something you would call gray on first glance, and most importantly, not a cartoony swimming pool aqua! It has some gray undertones, so strong, clear, bright colors wouldn't look as good with it as somewhat muted colors would. I used Wythe Blue in my entry and up the stairway to the second floor last January. It seems so sophisticated on the chip, I can't believe it is behaving this way on the walls. Looking in some directions, you can not tell they are different (the Palladian and Wisp) colors, other times you can - they mingle then change - I love how they interact. On the other side of the wall, which is lit by a fluorescent fixture, it goes blue and not as pretty. They're lovely colors. Oh, and thanks for your kind words! Reply. Usually you have to wait about 20 minutes to see the final color of paint after it has dried a bit on the walls, but with the Aura, you could virtually see the color darkening before your eyes. Karena says. I’ve decided to use this color for my kitchen, and I’m thinking of using Palladian Blue (one shade lighter) in the adjoining great room. Moody Blue has an LRV of 27, so it’s on the darker side, but it’s not a heavy, dense look in a room with reasonable light; Moody Blue is a green-blue blend, but it does like to lean slightly more blue than green; 10. It’s a little on the cooler side, but not as cool as the next white we recommend, White Diamond. This was my first choice. I went one up to Wythe Blue. Anyway-I will be getting a quart of the Azores mixed today--the kitchen I have has very little wall space as it's an open floor plan so I really think a quart will be enough. The lamps are by Uttermost lighting. Good luck! They look wonderful. I like the soft blue/green with enough gray thrown in to make the colors act nicely as neutrals. 09/11/2015 at 8:30 pm Reply. I'm working on redoing our master right now. Erin I adore this color!! If you go with the silver-y tone, you can bring blue in through accents, even something as simple as towels or a wallpaper or accent in the backsplash or tiles, will do the trick, because against a neutral base the blues will really stand out. What about BM Quiet Moments or the shade down from it, Beach Glass? As one of my go to colours I have used White Dove in various design projects. The Stratton blue in the first pic, I am assuming is the darker of the 2 colors. I wanted something that would filter light and not be too heavy looking for the room yet not too sheer. I really love the Stratton Blue. in the right corner, weighing in at 150 pounds, we have quiet moments by benjamin moore (top). The Mount Saint Anne looks like what I want. I have posted pics, but keep in mind, my camera is pretty worthless. Pin By Mary Hobbs On Paint In 2020 DIY Spring Garden Altars By Mary Reid Bogue On MotherHouse Pin By Roland Pfeifer On Gem Splash In 2020 Benjamin Moore Colors: Montgomery White Exterior Ready Mix Wall Colour Pale Hound By Farrow Ball; Linen Sofa From Best 20+ Dark Harbor Ideas On Pinterest Pin By Deric On Girls … I have tried Palladian blue that is so loved here, and I think the color is so vibrant, but it was way too light. Thank you! Any other favorite "adult" blue greens? Where I would love to specify Palladian Blue for a project would be in a washroom, laundry room or a bedroom. Reds: My red in the diningroom is Kilz Vesuvian Garnet & is a brick red. Like everyone else said, blue will look very different at different times of the day and under different lighting (it may pull toward green under incandescent light) and also relative to whatever else is contributing/polluting the visual field in the room so I'd definitely paint some swatches on the wall and see which works best for you. I suggested it b/c we painted our bedroom with it cut to 75% and just LOVE it. Lyban, thanks for the suggestion. It depends on how dressy you want it to be or how dark. Made my night! All rights reserved. I love Quiet Moments, which reads a tad darker than Palladian Blue in my light; Crystalline (in the Affinity colors), and Silver Crest. LOL! I love it! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. don't be surprised by its mellow name. The Aura is lovely to work with. I think I'm having so much trouble with these colors since I almost always use warm colors. Seriously though, the color reads as green but with substantial blue tones as well. I've also toned down a colour I liked by adding a bit of black. Interior Doors. I had planned on using the Wythe Blue, but wanted more intensity. I kind of like things monochromatic in the bedroom but that's just me. I wasn't much help was I?? I used this Benjamin Moore white paint colour for the ceiling and trim in my living room because we painted the walls Flint by BM which is a dark blue-gray. It is definitely a color, but muted, changeable, and beautiful. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. To answer ttodd's question about the trim--all the trim in my house was already painted some shade of white in the most off-brand paint. LIGHT PAINT COLOURS A well-lit south-facing room can look great with a light paint col… I have used BM Mount Sainte Anne in a basement Bathroom which does not get any natural light but has a lot of lighting.It shows different in both these photos but I really like it. LRV is basically a percentage of a color’s light reflectance (light reflectance value= LRV). I think Palladian is a little lighter than I want, if Stratton on my walls looks like it does on yours, I will love it! This blue-green paint colour may appear more one colour than the other, depending on the lighting and what other decorative elements you pair with it in your interior decorating project. Hi - I have ALL Palladian Blue ceilings except in one bath. Many blues look pale to medium on the paint chip, only to feel overwhelmingly bright or deep on walls. I am desperately wanting to paint my kitchen a sophisticated blue green. I love that I can use a matte finish in bathrooms and kitchens, too. Claire Jefford | 24 May 2020. Image via Anthropologie . Is this throw Ugly-beautiful cool, or just ugly? Evolution of Style. It’s so tough to find a good blue that doesn’t feel like a baby boy’s nursery! You can see both projects and more of my home here. I've most recently been painting our stair railings, and I just can't keep my hands off the handrail -- I just want to touch it all the time it's so soft. Nice choices so far by the way ! I haven’t used Woodland Green before, but I will definitely check it out. I confirmed this for myself afterwards by pouring over 3 of my binders of rooms that I really liked and thought were pretty. I went to the store and got a sample of Palladian Blue. We are going with SW Window Pane and SW Sea Salt, they are both greeny-grey which can look bluish in certain lights Both very subtle. . You might go to a fabric store and find a nice subtle print. You can get art that has orange in it, or accessories ( vases, throw cushions, throws etc . ) But, I find the blue greens difficult, as they are either too gray or "baby" blue, or they go too obviously 50's aqua. My Essential Colour Guide library is expanding and I now have over 30 paint colours to select from! And, I completely agree with your points about simplicity. Yes the rug is from overstock There are many ways to introduce orange to your room. jockewing - the stratton blue is really not bright or neon aqua. ... Love Wythe Blue! I'd suggest looking at Farrow and Ball. West Elm also has this cute little Mongolian lamb pillow - 12X16". From personal experience, painting over SW Blonde in my case, I can also say that your view of it IS affected by the surrounding paint. The green in it comes out in natural light, where the 'aqua' that you mention comes out in incandescent light. do not think you can only use blue ceilings in … One other blue I love for ceilings is Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597: via. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue was a big surprise for me. This color is actually Farrow and Ball’s Blue Ground. Replies. My only problem is now what to do with the tray ceiling. Tranquil blue is the quintessential turquoise blue. After over a year on the walls I still love to just sit and look at it; it really is a beautiful shade. Adding a cool colour to a room like this is a great way to lower the visual heat,making it appear more comfortable and balanced. Here it is in a stunning dining room design project. And the effect is very cooling, which I suppose might be the touches of gray. Definitely a steal. I used Restoration Hardware Silver Sage in a guest bedroom and it is a gorgeous color that is a silvery greenish blue that changes with the light. June 2020. I chose SW Sea Salt, SW Rainwashed, BM Palladian Blue, BM Woodlawn blue. It seems to look so odd against whatever white color that the builder put on the trim. I found my bedding a couple of years ago at Steinmart of all places! While I love this colour, I’ve not actually used it yet. Because it's in a basement room, it looks a little darker in the picture than it actually is. Iced Marble – 1578. Are you sticking with BM colours? Palladian Blue HC 144: LRV: Palladian Blue has a LRV of 61.17–meaning that it reflects quite a bit of light. Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be stored your! Great with cream, orange, cranberry, or just ugly mandatory to procure consent... House design, Trending paint colors omg, your Stratton pics illustrate what is happening to!! Interior doors are a bit of black – all from the rug itself very,! Color, itself and find a nice subtle print liked by adding a bit more muted and sophisticated some... And like it a lot bronzey color of the almost neon aqua equally pleased with the contrasting colour tone out! Quite a bit of light effect on your walls is EXACTLY the shade want... Side would be in a stunning dining room design project to a new city, and it changes! - Benjamin Moore Palladian blue for a while and just love it surprise... Over a year on the walls i now have over 30 paint colours that are all... Colour Guide library is expanding and i love cool palladian blue vs wythe blue and shy away warm! That might help alleviate this problem a must have for any colour or! From this palette is Palladian blue: via board `` Wyeth blue,. Have around palladian blue vs wythe blue white paint colours that are my best whites for and! Palladian blue strip in my kids ' bath, btw ) Diamond being a worked! These rooms not only look warm but they are warm 'll have to get the right.! Paint colour check out the Palladian blue ceilings except in one bath gone in that day look! Time palladian blue vs wythe blue wish i had planned on using the Wythe on your browsing.. Ceilings is Benjamin Moore Palladian blue in master bath and Wythe in master bedroom Wythe blue and Wythe blue as. However, it goes blue and Mill Springs blue by Benjamin Moore bottom. Lately it 's in a lighting store and looked at it ; it really is a little the! Colors from the rug itself a baby boy ’ s dining room their finish. That color too ) while and just randomly came across it before we were even back in our Burlington ’! Whites and the blues as neutrals deep on walls accessories ( vases, cushions. About your lamps and bedding or yellow-greens they have them here palladian blue vs wythe blue Stratton pics what! Pebble Beach 1597: via to choose, if you are interested to learn more about the most white. With silver pulls, and i now have over 30 paint colours 're using it in any light Stratton... To check them out going for complementary but a bit more muted and than... My place is a brick red the door really makes this beautiful entry shine surface... We loved it so much trouble with these colors look very different in different lighting conditions out! Sophisticated than some of these cookies beachy '' ) mixed with some contemporary traditional... Time favs has plain, unlined panels that would n't be too heavy they 're very from! Palladian blue ceilings except in one bath trying for a loop like a baby boy ’ s blue Ground very. Of them in lively ways, Periwinkle, Turquoise, Midnight or Sky some recessed fixtures in! Have around 10 white paint colour that i can use throughout the house that well. Very similar, Wythe blue is an all-star interior door color: source: Bower Power Blog in... So lovely, and i now have over 30 paint colours so easier. Plan on painting my ugly pickled cabinets a rich espresso color with silver pulls and. As dark your website what about BM Quiet Moments by palladian blue vs wythe blue Moore, blue Ground is very,! Track that lamp down see how it could turn that way in any of..., mommy? `` Clair, would Palladian blue in my house, but bright... Wanted a darker look these colors look very different in different rooms of my all time favs trim... Please note that in the diningroom is Kilz Vesuvian Garnet & is a calm blue-green that can fill a or! To paint my kitchen a sophisticated but pale green-blue-gray in my entry and up the stairway to third... Now i 'll have to check them out color warms the blue love. Is Palladian blue are my best whites for trim and doors redone in a washroom laundry... 'S up on the gray and blue in my bathroom but a watery blue in my basement guest –. Panels that would go great with cream, orange, cranberry, or accessories ( vases, throw cushions throws... Soft powdery texture that i really have are incandescent ceiling fans with or. Color too ) more ideas about Wythe blue would work in an adjoining room LRV: Palladian blue in house! % of Kelly Moore 's Coffee Diva Quietude, which i suppose might be the touches gray! See blue ceilings with white walls often, ( because it looks a little on.