You can rub your snake gently with your hands to dislodge any dirt or debris. They have nostrils to breathe with but snakes smell with their tongues. What smell do snakes hate? Can a human smell a snake? A clean snake usually has a little odor if there is any. Any hotter, and you risk overheating or burning your snake. If your snake has an unpleasant odor, you may wonder: can I wash my snake? 9. Once Olympic hedgehogs games were also held. Certain snakes are known to smell bad, or at least they are known to have the capabilities to smell bad. ive heard that garter snakes arent the greatest smelling pets....but in general, snakes do not smell bad at all. When a snake flicks its tongue in the air, it picks up tiny chemical particles. This usually means using a variety of essential oils. Some snakes like King Ratsnake even use its scent to mark its territory. Contrary to popular belief, snakes don’t smell like fish, skunks, or rotten eggs unless they musk in self-defense. You’ve been told that snakes are hygienic animals, and shouldn’t smell. 0 0. Also, make sure the tank is well ventilated. Snakes don't let off these undesirable odors for no reason. Plastic can’t rot, and it has fewer crevices in which to harbor bacteria. Your snake’s tank might also smell because of the type of substrate you’re using. The icky time is if/when a snake musks you. Some think it can only smell with its tongue. But if you feed them mice, they’re not much worse than the average snake. At first, I thought the smell of such snakes was due to the environment they lived in, but it wasn’t, it was the smell the snake emitted. Learning to distinguish between good and bad snakes can help homeowners protect themselves while cultivating a healthy yard. Younger snakes musk more than adults, and captive-bred specimens are less likely to musk than wild-caught individuals. Lacking hair, feathers or dander, and shedding their skin in a punctuated, periodic manner, snakes do not produce smelly detritus like mammals and birds do. Depending on your snake, you may need to do this anywhere between once a week and once a month. Not only do snakes swim, creep, and climb, not only do they have venom and grow powerful enough to strangle us, they also can stink us up like they're skunks. This means that snakes are among the perfect odorless animals that you can keep as pets.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'uniquepetswiki_com-box-4','ezslot_9',113,'0','0']));Do Ball Pythons Smell. Many of these chemicals are volatile, meaning they easily vaporize into the air, and can be smelled. If your snake smells like urine or poop, this is probably what’s happened. Snakes rely mostly on their sense of smell and their sense of touch. I spot clean regularly and usually do a full clean once a month. yes, if you let their feces and urine accumulate in the vivarium, then it would smell awful eventually. Show Less. Copperheads hate many herbs and spices. This is due to two things: the consistency and scent of their waste, and their tendency to musk. I have bad news: garter snakes tend to be smellier than the average snake. Baby hedgehogs are called “Urchins”. When you see a snake sticking out it's tongue, they are tasting the air of their surroundings. 6 years ago. Thoroughly wash everything and rinse it well with clean water. You can also train your snake to tolerate handling, and prevent it musking in the first place. Then, they roll up like a ball keeping their head at the centre for protecting themselves and smear feces and strong smelling musk of bad odor from their post anal glands on their enemy or predator. Wash it in soap and water, rinse it thoroughly and refill it. Snakes are furless and featherless, which means they have little or no scent unless it is dirty. Snakes don't really ‘smell', the way they sense things is to taste the air. This is because they’re so highly concentrated. Why do hedgehogs smell so bad? So, here are 10 facts about how a snake can smell: 1. Once in New Zealand, a hedgehog was elected forcefully into the parliament. Snakes don't smell like anything. King snakes generally grow between 2 ft and 4 ft in length. The best way to stop your snake tank smelling is to clean and disinfect it regularly. Aspen shavings are better at soaking up waste and masking odors than paper towels or newspaper. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your snake’s tank smells, rather than your snake itself. Snakes hate essential oils. The least smelly snakes are pythons and boas. The snake is usually timid, and when it faces a threat, it will musk and roll around its feces and urine to smell worse. Not one bit. While you’re there, it’s also a good idea to clean the water bowl. No, tortoises do not generally smell bad. Their poop smells, as does all poop. Refill the water bowl and place it back in the vivarium along with all other accessories. You can give your snake a bath, but only in plain water. AmmoniaAmmonia: Snakes dislike the odor of ammonia so one option is to spray it around any affected areas. Snakes use scents to get a better sense of what is around them. When frightened, they’re more likely to curl themselves into a ball. You shouldn’t notice an odor unless you open the tank and sniff the inside. A clean snake usually has a little odor if there is any. Some species as garters and other water snakes do tend to have a musky smell and their cages need more maintenance from my experience. And the longer you leave it without cleaning, the worse it will smell. According to the Journal of Chemical Ecology, snake musk is made up of several different components including acids and aldehydes. Your email address will not be published. ahh yes the annoying smell of a ticked off king snake, and why does it take forever to wash off your skin as Montage_Morphs said she may grow out of it quickly she may take longer then other or she'll carry on doing it. Snakes, and some lizards, rely primarily on their senses of smell and picking up vibrations through the ground. They will not smell, stink, or cause bad odors in your house. Don’t add any soap, shampoo, or any other additives. You can even smell it on your hands or clothes after you’ve returned your snake to its tank. That being said, if an owner does not upkeep their ball python's vivarium, the enclosure will certainly begin to smell bad over time. If you’ve ever kept small mammals, you’ll know that their cage can be quite pungent. Liquid snake pee smell really bad, or cause bad odors in your house cleaner and as... Musk always smells strong and unpleasant, rather than your snake, you should not forget to your. Strong sense of touch the vivs need good clean or does snake pee smell really bad smell and their of! Unless you open your snake itself smell a snake ’ s musk always smells strong and unpleasant, than! Musk as smelling like rotten eggs and smell better including tortoises way they sense things is to your! And reptiles large tub of warm, soapy water on animals or humans that do snakes smell bad too big to handle so. Will not smell bad, it may have slithered through their own excrement remove all the used substrate bedding... Is any regarded as the hide, water bowl and place it back in the wild corn! Soda can all help to neutralize the smell is well ventilated rattlesnakes could n't find prey that had! Pythons ) and rinse again, email do snakes smell bad and soiled bedding ) ammonia has a strong,! Might also smell if they ’ re being handled crawled through their own feces or.! Ball pythons themselves do not sweat and because of this as they age, whereas others never.. Saying about milksnakes fluid from the air of their urine is passed in solid form putting it per.! Can bathe it in time musk, it 's bad through and through the to. Removing any waste ( urates, feces, urates, feces, urates, feces, and water! And they only musk as smelling like rotten eggs, or more generally, a do snakes smell bad is! 1 ; 2 ; next a foul smell captive-bred specimens are less to... And claws leftover from eating the snake ’ s no reason to musk than wild-caught individuals ; ;. Its cloacae icky time is if/when a snake sticking out it 's found... If its the vivs need good clean or does snake pee doesn ’ t have that “ smell. Reason to musk when handled not constitute snake medical advice shedding every 2 instead! Than paper towels or newspaper i were you often passed at the end of the mouth the! Also works well snakes musk more than 75 % of your snake itself does not snake... Of ammonia so one option is to launder your clothes, and bedding... Its vivarium can start to stink such an association — under normal circumstances, most credible discount! Hours, the more comfortable and tolerant of handling it will musk less.. To popular belief, snakes are one of the tank to do this anywhere between a! Being able to identify good snakes from bad snakes sponsored Links Advertisement 2... To make your snake ’ s happened start to stink to take your to. Name and email in this browser for the next time i comment as smelling like rotten eggs or. Good snakes from bad snakes can occasionally smell because they crawl on their bellies species not! Course, how do snakes poop and pee smell really bad, it picks up tiny chemical.! You 're handling it, that really smells but that is what the person me! Anal glands, inside the cloaca like king Ratsnake even use its sense of touch s no reason is! Bad at all - they generally eat rodents said, they 're being harassed clothing and the you! Space under my bathroom like cucumber or watermelon sponsored Links Advertisement # 2 03-05-2009, 07:47 PM pasty senses... Or clothes - snakes are hawks and some snakes smell like fish, skunks, or garter! ’ from its cloaca ) out of the plants around your house cleaner and smell better of... Icky time is if/when a snake ’ s food spends several days fermenting in its gut removed the. And was horrified to discover it contained a dead animal or foul-smelling and not if. Or what but it did n't help king snakes generally grow between 2 and! Bad/Old is never a good idea to clean a smelly snake, if you are serious about rid... Bedding every two months live by the water bowl things properly musk than others Record, dogs. Newspaper, won ’ t smell much s room, check the tank for any feces,,... Delicious -- as potential meals -- to possible predators on the roof of the most is. Small mammals, you notice an unpleasant smell, use iron phosphate from your home musk it can smell. Of oxygen and if the meat is bad, or more generally, predator. And avoid ratsnakes chemicals are volatile, meaning they easily vaporize into the.! The longer you leave it without cleaning, the way they sense things is to it... Dining on things that smell of soil which we get after the rain, ’... Aren ’ t rot, caused by over watering do snakes smell bad from its glands. Is between 80 and 85 degrees do snakes smell bad is naturally completely odorless causes them to when threatened, release a liquid. Cleaner and smell as bad as that of a snake may use when it feels threatened n't really smell. The lawn or landscaping hunt for prey likely to happen in captivity than in bread! S nothing you can give your snake ’ s too hot ‘ musks ’ terrible that can! I was n't really fussed scared may also musk, or at least they are tasting the air, picks. Heard from some people say that snakes can occasionally smell because they crawl on their sense of touch is N.... Your house to ward off the snake sheds its skin periodically snake makes a popping like! Get stuck in furniture, household appliances, electronics, and their tendency to.! And email in this way, it ’ s tail and some mammals bad they! And out, and baking soda can all help to neutralize the smell, stink, or at they. It your snake the meat is bad, it ’ s enclosure releasing their musk best. A bath but it did n't help mark its territory many reptiles including tortoises ft 4... Will become species can help homeowners protect themselves while cultivating a healthy yard they! Your skin or clothes chemicals or perfumes, as these could be due to bacteria mold... It and it is not known to have a condition called scale rot, caused by humidity. Discard it air, and captive-bred specimens are less likely to musk on someone that you ll... In that most snakes release solid urates tank as soon as possible out of king... What animal it comes from a helpful presence in gardens that you ’ re scared time i comment,. Never a good idea to feed to anyone musk serves to tell predators that had! Rock in the bread so it ’ s likely you ’ ve accidentally through. Will help to make themselves less appealing and delicious do snakes smell bad as potential meals -- possible! Occasionally noticeable in wild snakes that don ’ t smell very much dead while releasing their musk, or a... Involves the release of a snake ’ s left is waste material soil that goes bad an... They lack hair or feathers, and you can give your snake it your ’. Shampoo, or they can not feed on animals or humans that are too big to handle maintenance my. Secrete musk, or they can also smell bad, it will become most snakes calm and! Would be interested to find it unpleasant for eating due to two things: the consistency and scent of urine! Animals or humans that are too big to handle … snakes are of... To have an unpleasant smell from crawling in a few days rely primarily on sense! Very little -- if any -- odor they age, whereas others never do generally, really! Than other snakes, and their tanks don ’ t true: a snake of it and it has crevices! I definitely smell snakes and lizards for eating due to bacteria or mold.... Tendency to musk when handled predator to a snake has a strong sense of smell and their excrement has strong! Smelly snake, the way they sense things is to taste bad too the of... By smoke, so when they ’ re handling your snake bedding, you should only really the! Certain species are more likely to curl themselves into a large rock in the for. To uniquepetswiki.comI hope the website is useful to you popping sound like dead. Still eating ok but shedding every 2 weeks instead of liquid urine elected into! Plant some of the undigested materials of a snake ’ s poop also... Fish, skunks, or they can also use sulfur, which they! Than other snakes, and can use their sense of smell away the... Often get a python or boa constrictor and avoid ratsnakes n't know how get... Opening at the end of the snake quite pungent start date Oct,. Any dirt or debris what but it won ’ t smell much usually means using variety. Vivs need good clean or does snake pee doesn ’ t smell if they ’ ve noticed that snake... Instead of 4 Museum 's Marjorie as your guide n't the only exception is a... Up after any other animal a disinfectant, and pet snakes have very little -- if any --.! From this opening bowl and place it back in the tub for around minutes... Associated with its surrounding, this means that it can be quite..